‘Punch’ Stage outfit | How It’s Made | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.20

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🎥NCT 127 ‘Punch’ MV: idpost.info/clone/video/hpSZsbWjlIaV1tI
NCT 127's 2nd Album Repackage 'NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round' is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: nct127.lnk.to/neozonedeluxe

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Exo Fighting
Exo Fighting 16 jam yang lalu
We need more JCC.. hear us please
Alessia Gatti
Alessia Gatti Hari Yang lalu
Does anyone know the stylists ‘ name?
frantiix 7 hari yang lalu
johnny was born to be mc. i knew it!
frantiix 7 hari yang lalu
we can see johnny tattoo clearly is this video
Verónika Santisteban Saavedra
Verónika Santisteban Saavedra 8 hari yang lalu
That is Jhonny's tattoo at 4:50?
realvibekilla 11 hari yang lalu
This is actually so awesome??! JCC should show us more of their staff and crew and how much hard work goes on behind the scenes~
Haidah Haidi
Haidah Haidi 12 hari yang lalu
johnny's sunflower tattoo looks so pretty here
carolina 11
carolina 11 16 hari yang lalu
someone found the designer instagram?
Lunatski 17 hari yang lalu
Everyone: Watches the video Me: Sees Johnny's tattoo 2:35 and keeps pausing to work out what it is. (I think it's a sunflower 😎🌻)
goodn19t 18 hari yang lalu
johnny’s tattoo looks so nice omg 🥺
K S 19 hari yang lalu
Worth watching for people wishing to purse fashion communication and styling.
cleanrosie 21 hari yang lalu
9:00 i think, and it's just my opinion (actually i hv 3 speculations why johnny react like that) first, people recognized their uniqueness as SM not NCT 127, eventho nct 127 is under SM, but it's kinda different right? second one, he thanks SM and their teams so NCT has their own uniqueness, the third one is just johnny wants to look at the camera :)
nela sari
nela sari 22 hari yang lalu
Jaehyun johny so awesome
Pattelynn U. H
Pattelynn U. H 26 hari yang lalu
I really appreciate this design process, Jae and Johnny seemed genuinely curious and asked questions which is very nice to see. It’s so interesting and takes a lot of criticism so, I really commend them on their hard work and creativeness. Also, Taeyang is extremely good looking and his style is so cool.
kawaiikarkar 29 hari yang lalu
yooo this was really cool! love seeing behind the scenes of how y'all's outfits are made :) looks like a cool job, designing them outfits!
abhilasha dubey
abhilasha dubey Bulan Yang lalu
This is the kind of content I want to see. Sometimes, something different feom mainstream korean potrayal.
The Ghost
The Ghost Bulan Yang lalu
Is no one going to talk about the butt of a half mannequin exposed right in the beginning of the video?!
Shalmali Gujar
Shalmali Gujar Bulan Yang lalu
Did anyone noticed a sunflower tattoo on Johnny's left arm at 7:29 ? Its so precious ; )
Idkwhat Toputhere
Idkwhat Toputhere Bulan Yang lalu
Cool video! This studio does a great job!
Roshni k
Roshni k Bulan Yang lalu
SM entertainment invests a lot into training their idols, all their outfits from stage outfit to mv to awards shows outfit, they invest a lot in making the best of the best music and choreography, they give their idols nice dorms and a lot of facilities, they do everything best and make great music , BUT they won't promote their groups. I don't understand SM. Nobody in my country knows about NCT and they are huge fans of so many other kpop groups. It's the fault of SM marketing. Look at their IDpost views . They are very very less compared to the quality of music, aesthetics and effort they put in. Dear SM, please promote your groups better.
Roshni k
Roshni k Bulan Yang lalu
The designers are intellectuals🥰
It's Ryy
It's Ryy Bulan Yang lalu
rather than just buying outfits from famous brands SM choose to make their own and there's a lot of hardwork put into it especially the budget. although some outfits may seem a little bit or overly high fashioned, let's be grateful for the team working behind for this.
Katty S
Katty S Bulan Yang lalu
Everytime a watch a JCC episode, I grow to like Johnny more and more 😍
simmeringoo Bulan Yang lalu
this was so interesting! so much goes into a performance. love learning about this
Hazel Lapitan
Hazel Lapitan Bulan Yang lalu
This is where Jae eventually wore that jacket! idpost.info/clone/video/otLVj5qr053UyLg
cell nctenthusiast
cell nctenthusiast Bulan Yang lalu
I like how sm workers (eg.desginer) is not awkward on camera, they look comfortable talking
Jade Felix
Jade Felix Bulan Yang lalu
Johnny's "batches and patches" And Jaehyun's "cutted" Oml english kings ahahaha
K-pop Heart
K-pop Heart Bulan Yang lalu
IMAGINE them working in 2020 ERA currently-
Ratu Syakirah Bayu
Ratu Syakirah Bayu Bulan Yang lalu
wow this takes a lot of work. id like to thanked the designers :)
cheekyvonnee uwu
cheekyvonnee uwu Bulan Yang lalu
I love how one of the designer's outfit is very gender nonconforming 💚
Chillie Verity
Chillie Verity Bulan Yang lalu
Love it when Jaehyun speaks English, and that outfit looks so fab on him seriously
Dionne Lee Andrea Raya
Dionne Lee Andrea Raya Bulan Yang lalu
I wonder how much time these designers spend on NCT 2020 with 23 members
FULL SUN 2 bulan yang lalu
they kept on saying that the patches that they put will be adjusted but, look at Jaehyun idpost.info/clone/video/otLVj5qr053UyLg
Jaehyun마낭사리 2 bulan yang lalu
Translate Indonesia nya hilang-hilang ihhh
Jaehyun마낭사리 Bulan Yang lalu
@ZIZA thanks ya
ZIZA Bulan Yang lalu
pakai yang inggris trus klik terjemahin langsung trus udah gailang2
rachele 2 bulan yang lalu
This is so interesting, thank you :)
Deana M Dieujuste
Deana M Dieujuste 2 bulan yang lalu
not me thinking for the past 2 JCC Episodes I saw, that johnny had a bright yellow bruise on his arm the whole time
Lynette Ching
Lynette Ching 2 bulan yang lalu
is that a real or fake tattoo on his forearm at 6:43?
MG mercygracemeg
MG mercygracemeg 2 bulan yang lalu
NCT 2020 members waves hello to their designers! The amount of effort and ideas poured into their outfits are worthy of praise!
Gabie Alix Crowell
Gabie Alix Crowell 2 bulan yang lalu
Goodluck on NCT 2020's outfits!!!
Chairiyyah Hanifah
Chairiyyah Hanifah 2 bulan yang lalu
Focus on Johnny's left hand, looks like a scar?
ayesha athaya
ayesha athaya 2 bulan yang lalu
OK,now NCT 2020
lisa 2 bulan yang lalu
now they have to make different outfits for 21 members muiltiple times 😂
Febby Andreastuti
Febby Andreastuti 2 bulan yang lalu
I can't imagine how their work for NCT 2020 :))
yo dream!
yo dream! 2 bulan yang lalu
Now i need documentary of nct2020 stage outfit behind the scene.
1 2 bulan yang lalu
아무거나 입을 수 있는게 아니라 아무거나 입히잖아요 ㅋㅋ 와중에 서존전 몸이 얼매나 크길래 주문제작이냐....좋군
neopearlzone 2 bulan yang lalu
Now we're having NCT 2020..i think they're already started sewing and designing clothes huh
TheLifeOfAKpopTrash xx
TheLifeOfAKpopTrash xx 2 bulan yang lalu
Yo but like these designers are handsome man also the thought of how much effort they put into NCT's outfits is WOW! I am shocked.
여러분솔직히설레죠 2 bulan yang lalu
씨발... 박지석 돌아와
Christina Gutierrez
Christina Gutierrez 2 bulan yang lalu
“Life is like a batch” 😂😂
x x
x x 2 bulan yang lalu
러브홀릭도 이 사람들이 하나...?
Jules 2 bulan yang lalu
16:24 was jaehyun saying lyrics from bubble butt or am i tripping😂😂😂
pizzaforyoursoul 2 bulan yang lalu
very thankful for nct especially johnny for giving us amazing contents like this. i’ve been a kpop fan for 9 years and this is the first time im watching how kpop idols’ outfits are being made, and also i love how johnny also showed us the process of their album-making
megger L
megger L 2 bulan yang lalu
I'm currently studying fashion design and also a kpop fan, so this whole video just about made me cry with joy because I always wondered about stage outfits. Thanks Johnny you da best
ramenpotter x
ramenpotter x 3 bulan yang lalu
i feel i dont talk enough abt jaehyun.
김승현 3 bulan yang lalu
의상제작업체 이제 제발 좀 바꿔도 좋을거같아요^^ㅎㅎ
뽀로로 3 bulan yang lalu
듣는 내가 다 불편... 돈 받고 하는 거면서 애들한테 힘들다 불만 9배로 많이 들었다 이런건 왜 말하는지... 왜 이렇게 겉멋이 든거 같냐...
M isplaced
M isplaced 3 bulan yang lalu
Nct's outfits are one of the most unique, interesting and recognizable in K-pop. Thanks to designers for being a huge part of their art, this dude's are really awesome in what they do. Thank you and hope you'll be with nct's team for a long time. We love you guys.
심낙지 3 bulan yang lalu
1:54 그렇다고 진짜 아무거나 입히나요
Divya Joshi
Divya Joshi 3 bulan yang lalu
tbh the punch moto jackets were some of my favorite outfits NCT has ever worn
박은서 3 bulan yang lalu
2:39 "쟈니 씨가 사이즈가 좀 커요." 3:05 직후에 나오는 어깨
dbby04 3 bulan yang lalu
the guy with the ear piercing looks like a mix of kai and joji 😯
hui z
hui z 3 bulan yang lalu
什么时候Sm才能醒悟男性审美衣服妆发真的很丑,丑出天际。 粉丝是女性为主,审美也是为了取悦女性,而不是满足自己的概念。 从superhuman开始127的妆发真的让人脱粉,现在又来祸害dream真是无语。
featureEnvy 3 bulan yang lalu
Oh wow this is so interesting I love this behind the scenes stuff.
Diana Mandac
Diana Mandac 3 bulan yang lalu
Iman Khan
Iman Khan 3 bulan yang lalu
now jaehyun's going to be wearing those t-shirts everyday
Sdfg Sdf
Sdfg Sdf 3 bulan yang lalu
jcc재밋당 많이찍어주삼
Kiara Magliane
Kiara Magliane 4 bulan yang lalu
1:08 is that a tattoo on Johnny arm it look like it and if it is am I the only one that did not know about it . Gosh am slow🤦
Red VelBaek
Red VelBaek 4 bulan yang lalu
So are they the same stylists during Firetruck era???? 🙂🙂🙂
Red VelBaek
Red VelBaek 4 bulan yang lalu
9:01 Johnny's reaction when the guy said 'SM is doing a good job' lol 🤣🤣
Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker 4 bulan yang lalu
Jaehyun is a whole mood.
AyanaJess 4 bulan yang lalu
Getting to see behind all these processes is so cool! I'm so thankful that Johnny is willing to take us along and show us all the ins and outs - especially the way he goes that extra step and stops to explain it in English too. It's especially nice being able to see this from the perspective of the designers. They clearly work so hard - especially with a concept like NCT. But meanwhile peep: Joh-flower Quality content ONLY
naomi Banks
naomi Banks 4 bulan yang lalu
Wow, so much goes into making clothes, this right here is at another level, I want to thank these guys for dressing our guys so beautifully, respect!
imaaahhh 4 bulan yang lalu
One of the many reasons why I love NCT - they give us contents we never knew we needed ^^b
Annabelle J
Annabelle J 4 bulan yang lalu
I love how they put the massive patch on Jaehyun's jacket for their actual performance idpost.info/clone/video/hLnIpclrx6PZtMY
Clayvonna H.
Clayvonna H. 4 bulan yang lalu
I don't even look at NCT as a Kpop group that does Kpop music.....they're better than that.
NCT_zen JCC 4 bulan yang lalu
NCT_zen JCC 4 bulan yang lalu
Ahhhhhhh!!! Y los subs en español ???
NCT_zen JCC 4 bulan yang lalu
NCT_zen JCC 4 bulan yang lalu
NCT_zen JCC 4 bulan yang lalu
Ida Granhøj
Ida Granhøj 4 bulan yang lalu
i love his skirt :,(
2 soon
2 soon 4 bulan yang lalu
I really liked nct punch outfits, they looked amazing
Roksana 5sos
Roksana 5sos 4 bulan yang lalu
G 4 bulan yang lalu
I have just ONE question for the desingers. About the limittles era.... WHY???
Aulia Asyifa
Aulia Asyifa 4 bulan yang lalu
_zmarekova 02
_zmarekova 02 4 bulan yang lalu
7:29 is that flower on his arm???
Fullsun Lee
Fullsun Lee 4 bulan yang lalu
Yes a sunflower tattoo
balqis awsofiya
balqis awsofiya 4 bulan yang lalu
they need to get paid for their hardwork istg +the way they said SM w the 😐 face sends 😂
김서윤 5 bulan yang lalu
다들 의상 고쳐라 고쳐라 하는거 보고 충격;;; 난 완전 내 취향이었는뎅 네오해^^
john's banana choked me. help
john's banana choked me. help 5 bulan yang lalu
It's been a month but dang Taeyang Jung tho..
BOOM CHAN 5 bulan yang lalu
Oh yaaaas JOHNJAE!!!
vivianna nguyen
vivianna nguyen 5 bulan yang lalu
15:46 we got to see that for free, guys
Lia Yesung
Lia Yesung 5 bulan yang lalu
When I see them it makes me feel like they are my sons
Lee Katherine
Lee Katherine 5 bulan yang lalu
I'm curious abt where all those clothings go after the promotion of the comeback. Some of these clothings only show up a few times and idols don't wear them anymore. And all of them are custom to the members so what do they do with them afterwards? Do they recycle them?
Ciel Lin
Ciel Lin 5 bulan yang lalu
lmao Jaehyun wore that jacket on stage
pia 5 bulan yang lalu
jcc is the best vlog in kpop i mean johnny really gives us good ass quality contents abt their life as an idol ahhh this man
Nanda Veruna Enun Kharisma
Nanda Veruna Enun Kharisma 5 bulan yang lalu
NCT 127 is indeed special.
hyemi moon
hyemi moon 5 bulan yang lalu
개인적으로 칠감때 의상이랑 코디가 유니크하고 예뻤던거 같음 무대의상 힘들게 제작하지말고 차라리 명품 사서 리폼하는게 더 괜찮을거 같은데.. 그나저나 재현이 패턴 만지작거리는거 귀염~ 재현이는 패션센스도 있고 감각 있어서 디자이너 했어도 잘 어울렸을듯^^
Caffes and Lattes
Caffes and Lattes 5 bulan yang lalu
On a serious note, I know Johnny is deep but wow..this was SUCH a great concept for JCC! And all his questions..felt like a legit interview 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾 Now on a side note 16:24 Jaehyun... boy what you be listening too??🤣🤣🤣🤣 🔥🔥
Cyle Reyes
Cyle Reyes 4 bulan yang lalu
Lmao, “show me whatchu got” -Jeffrey
Elin 5 bulan yang lalu
omg as a design student this is so interesting!!
Jade mizore s
Jade mizore s 5 bulan yang lalu
Now that I know how they procces, I want to know how did they agreed on dream girl outfits (shinee) because omggg Lmao
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